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At Nola Dermatology, we offer many dermatology treatments. Being in practice for many years, we know the signs and symptoms of the more common skin issues. Some of the more common skin concerns are warts, rosacea, vitiligo, psoriasis, acne, and eczema. We’ve provided a brief summary of some of the issues we come across below:




Rosacea is a skin issue that cannot be cured, but it can be controlled. It affects 16 million Americans, and some of them don’t even know they have it. 

Most people with rosacea believe they just blush easily or they were sunburned. Rosacea causes redness and acne-like effects.




Vitiligo is a pigment issue with the skin affecting the melanocytes. Usually, the first signs are a white patchy area on the skin, then the skin loses color in certain areas. 


The areas that are most affected on the body are the face, lips, arms, legs, and genital area. Even though vitiligo can is most common on those areas, it can form anywhere on the body.




Psoriasis is a common dermatology condition that causes raised, red, scaly patches on the skin. Some people may have itchy, burning and stinging sensations. Your dermatologist will most likely be able to diagnose psoriasis by a visual inspection, but may also do a biopsy for proven results.


If you or someone you know has a skin condition they’re not sure about, or haven’t been able to treat, schedule an appointment with our dermatology office today. Our board certified New Orleans dermatologists are prepared with years of knowledge to diagnose and treat any dermatology skin issues you should be facing.

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