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Skin Cancer Screenings New Orleans, New Orleans Skin Cancer Screenings

Skin Cancer Screenings



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Skin cancer screenings are one of the many things we push here at Nola Dermatology. It is important to make sure you’re doing routine skin cancer screenings for any change in your moles or spots. Any change in size, color and shape can lead to danger. Which is why skin cancer screenings are very important for the health of your skin.


Important things to remember when doing your self skin cancer screening are the ABCDEs of melanoma. The ABCDEs for skin cancer screennigs are as follows:

  • A: Asymmetry: If a line is drawn through, the two halves will not match, leading to danger.

  • B: Border: The border of an early melanoma tends to be uneven. If it is jagged, or irregular it should be checked out.

  • C: Color: Early melanomas can have a variety of colors.

  • D: Diameter: Melanomas are usually larger than ¼ inch in diameter. This is approximately the size of a pencil eraser.

  • E: Evolving: Any change in size, shape, color or elevation, points to danger.



If you have a history of melanoma, it is recommended that you get an bi-annual skin cancer screening once every six months. With no history, and no recent diagnosis of skin cancer, once a year will suffice for your skin cancer screening.


If you have questions about a mole or freckle on your body, see our New Orleans dermatologists today for your annual skin cancer screening. 

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