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Mole Checks & Removals




Mole Checks and Removals New Orleans, New Orleans Mole Checks and Removals

Moles come in all shapes and sizes. They come on different parts of the body and they can be pesky or a more serious matter.  Moles can change or they can stay the same throughout your whole life. If a mole changes, it’s an area of concern. Let’s look futher:


Our dermatologists recommend getting an annual skin exam. If you have a history of skin cancer, it is recommended to come every six months. This ensures that any moles on your body are seen and diagnosed. Moles are diagnosed by a biopsy which is a little sample sent to a lab to determine whether it’s atypical or if it’s a normal mole.





Do you know how to do a self exam?


Self exams are very important. Here are the ABCDEs to ensure full coverage of moles and mole changes:


  • A: Asymetry: If a line is drawn through the mole, the halves should match. If the halves do not match, it could be a mole of concern.

  • B: Border: If the boarder is irregular or jagged, this mole should be checked out. The boarders of early melanomas tend to be uneven.

  • C: Color: Early signs of melanoma can have a variety of different colors. If you notice that a mole has a couple different colors, call to have your skin examined.

  • D: Diameter: Melanomas are usually larger than a ¼ inch in diameter. This is approximately the size of a pencil eraser.

  • E: Evolving: If a mole has any change in size, shape, color, or diameter, points to danger.


If you are due for your annual skin exam, or you’ve noticed that your moles or freckles have changed due to sun exposure, or just simply over the years, schedule your appointment with our board certified dermatologists today.

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