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Rosacea is a form of adult acne that affects lots of people daily. It has red, scaly bumps and many people thing they are just sunburned.


Rosacea is a condition that affects the hair follicles and small veins. To have rosacea, you do not need to have a history of rosacea or acne. Rosacea flairs are usually symmetric and can be caused by common triggers.


The most common rosacea triggers to avoid are:


  • Direct sunlight

  • Temperature extremes

  • Alcohol

  • Certain foods (such as spicy foods or citrus)

  • Caffeine

  • Hot liquids

  • Stress

  • Strenuous workouts

  • Certain medications

  • Some topical lotions and treatments

As much as we’re in the sun, an important factor to remember is to apply and reapply your sunscreen, especially with rosacea. An SPF of 30 or higher with broad spectrum coverage is the best option. By doing this, you lessen your chances of having a rosacea outbreak. Remember to try to stay out of the direct sunlight, strong winds and excessive heat. The best option for someone with rosacea is to try to stay inside or to protect yourself from harsh environments.


With rosacea, each and every person’s symptoms are different. Your health care provider is the best person to diagnose and to recommend treatment. Always remember to notice any changes with different activities and things you choose to do.


If you or someone you know is suffering from rosacea, see our New Orleans dermatologists for more information and help on treating your rosacea the best way for you. 

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