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Dr. Adrian Dobrescu


"He is great quick to the point and thorough. I switched to him after using a different doctor and way better. Goes above and beyond and knows what he is doing. Can get an appointment very easily."

Melanie P, Review via ZocDoc


"Doctor was knowledgeable & friendly."

Chris M., Review via ZocDoc


"Doctor was knowledgeable & friendly."

Kenishia S, Review via ZocDoc


"Went to Dr. Dobrescu for a second opinion on a skin disorder. Come to find out the previous doctor misdiagnosed the condition. Dr. Donrescu got it right the first time. All symptoms were gone after 3 days of taking the medication he prescribed. I would highly reccomend. Courtesy, Efficient, knowledgable."
Review via



Dr. Michael Gutierrez


"He came in, asked a few questions...had a quick diagnosis. The nurse seemed rushed and was in and out of my room many times. BUT, she was helpful and understanding and explained my prescriptions to me. I am satisfied with the outcome."

Review via ZocDoc


"He's very professional."

Jimmy B., Review via ZocDoc


"Very friendly staff, on time and efficient."

Review via ZocDoc


"I got in within 2 weeks and saw the Dr right after getting seated in the exam room. He was fast and to the point in evaluating the problem. He gave me his diagnosis and said that they were going to take a sample to send out to be sure. He also did a quick skin cancer exam just to be safe also. It has been almost three weeks now and things are about cleared up. His office staff was great and I will go back to him any time the need arises."

David, Review via Angie's List


"He was a pretty good guy. They are very professional about what they do and they didn’t mess around. Instead of guessing at what it was that I had, they did a biopsy and got it done right. I would recommend them. I had never been to a dermatologist before."

Debra, Review via Angie's List

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