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At Nola Dermatology, we offer a wide array of facial filler treatments. Our filler options include but are not limited to:


  • Restylane

  • Juvederm

  • Belotero

  • Restylane Lyft

  • Juvederm Ultra-Plus

  • Radiesse

  • Sculptra

  • Voluma

  • Restylane Silk


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What are fillers?


Fillers are a great way to look rejuvenated and more youthful in the same day. Fillers help diminish facial lines and bring more volume to specific places in the face.

How do fillers work?


A particular filler is injected in a specific site on the face. The filler adds volume to that area. The injected area looks more voluptuous and full.

Who should get fillers?


Fillers should be done by a professional on anyone after they have been evaluated by their licensed healthcare professional.


Where are fillers used?


Fillers can be used on many places on the body. A few of the most popular places include the lips, cheeks, to improve the look of old scars, and to fill in wrinkles.


What to expect with fillers:


You should expect a little pain and discomfort after the use of fillers. You could also see redness, swelling and itching.


If you or someone you know is thinking about getting fillers done, schedule your consultation today with one of our board certified dermatologists today. 

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