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Is Sunscreen Still As Important in the Fall Months?

The simple answer to this is, yes, but many people are under the assumption that even here in Louisiana sunscreen only needs to come out during the summer months when temperatures are above 90 degrees. When the lower temperatures and decrease in humidity comes around, the beach towels and swim suits are traded in for sweaters and scarves. Some of us even bring the boots out! Make sure that you still keep that bottle of sunscreen out and ready to be put on daily. We might not be applying to as large of a body area since a little more body surface area is covered up, but it is still important to keep exposed areas protected.

Substituting beach days for picnics and book reading outside on a breezy day leaves our skin exposed to the elements. It is true that the UV index is lower in the fall months, but this does not mean that they are non-existent and sun damage does not occur. UVA rays are still intense and can cause not only wrinkling but also irreversible damage and possibly skin cancer, such as melanoma. Broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 is recommended to apply to all exposed skin during outdoor activities. Although daily application of sunscreen is preached, sunscreen alone won’t keep you fully protected. It is also important to wear wide brimmed hats, protective clothing, and sunglasses as well as seek shade as much as possible. Darker clothing is a better option than white or lighter colors. When deciding on outfits, keep in mind your activity, if it’s going to be an outdoor sporting event day, pick the navy blue top and save the white for an indoor lunch. A good general rule of thumb is it you can see through the fabric, the rays can penetrate it.

It is not only important to wear sunscreen year round. When many people are going up north to the chillier climates for skiing vacations, some might skip the sunscreen when packing up the winter clothes and snowboards. Just like the sun reflects off of the sands and water during beach activities, it also reflects off of snow. Some reports even state it reflects at a much greater intensity off of the snow. Since not much is left uncovered, it is very important to focus on the areas of skin left unprotected. Your face, lips and ears are vulnerable areas that should have sunscreen applied at the beginning of and throughout any outdoor activity. Make sure the lip balm you wear also has an SPF in it. Many have SPF 15, but if you look hard you can find the SPF 30 and even products with zinc oxide are available.

As previously stated, the answer is quite simple to this question, “Is it still important to wear sunscreen in fall months?” The answer is still a big yes. I hope the explanation will leave people a little more inclined to keep out those bottles year round and not tuck them away after summer fun.

For more information and tips on why sunscreen is still as important in the fall months, see our Facebook and Google+ pages.

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